Swimming Pool Renovations

We provide swimming pool renovation services to pool owners in both the residential & commercial sectors. Our swimming pool renovation services are available to pool owners situated in the Durban, Umhlanga & Ballito area’s.

Rhino Pools Ballito are experts in swimming pool renovation to both marbelite swimming pools & fibreglass swimming pools. Our main area of expertise and our speciality going on 14 years now is swimming pool linings. The linings of both marbelite swimming pools and fibreglass swimming pools.

Fibreglass Pool Renovation

Fibreglass pool renovation is one of our specialities. We employ the very best fibreglass specialists for all our fibreglass pool renovations. Our fibreglass renovation team are experts in their field and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality fibreglass workmanship.

We only use pool specific fibreglass materials like the 450 g/m.sq fiberglass mat which is thicker, 50% more dense and at least twice as strong as the 300 g/m.sq fiberglass mat which some companies will use.

Rhino Pools Ballito offer fibreglass renovation services for both fibreglass pool linings and fibreglass pool shells that are in need of resurfacing, crack or structural repairs and painting (in white, sky-blue and charcoal). We also offer installation services for a variety of pool heating options.

Rhino Pools Ballito can breathe new life back into your old fibreglass swimming pool.

Marbelite Pool Renovation

Marbelite comes in a variety colours, the most popular being white, sky blue and charcoal. Marbelite has been used successfully to re-line swimming pools for many years and is still considered to be the most durable of the swimming pool linings.

If a marbelite swimming pool has many cracks in its lining we usually recommended that the pool be fiberglassed, as the pool clearly has a lot of movement weakening the concrete shell to the point where the swimming pool is basically falling apart.

Let Rhino Pools Ballito add a few more years onto the pool’s life by renovating your marbelite swimming pool.