BADU Solar System


With the BADU Solar System, swimming pool and pond owners can say goodbye to high electricity bills and load shedding interfering with their pool’s maintenance schedule.

The African sun and excellent weather conditions we have here in South Africa are ideal for solar powered technology. Most areas receive an average of almost 9 hours of sunlight per day, which is more than enough to run a swimming pool or pond pump. Therefore, installing a PhotoVoltaic (PV) BADU® solar system will allow your swimming  pool pump to run 365 days a year!

The BADU® solar system makes use of 315W solar panels with a current supply of 338 volts and a booster to generate DC power from the sun. Through the controller box, AC power is converted directly to the pump. Most solar pumps on the market today run on DC power and can generally not provide the output performance of a normal AC pump.


How the BADU Solar System® works

The BADU Solar System® functions solely on power generated through sunlight. Sunlight shines onto the solar panel, creating DC electricity. From here, the electricity flows from the panels through a booster to the controller box where it gets converted to AC electricity, which is the same type of power supplied by a power grid.

When installed, the solar panels are installed in rows. If you are in the Southern hemisphere, the panels should face true North, and if you are in the Northern hemisphere it should face true

South. To generate the best possible power, the panels need to be tilted the same angle as your property’s latitude, for example: Cape Town is 33˚, Durban is 29˚, JHB is 26˚ and Pretoria is 25˚.

Our panels are installed with boosters to increase the amount of electricity generated, making our system more economical with fewer panels covering your roof.

The BADU Solar System® can run solely on solar power, or in conjunction with power from the grid, which is great news for Koi enthusiasts. The BADU Solar System® is designed to use solar power first and then to top up with what is required, if at all, from the grid. Thanks to this innovative design, you too can convert your existing Speck Pumps pump to a solar powered system which will enable you to save on your electricity bill.

Another feature of the BADU Solar System® is that you can link to the controller software to your computer or smart phone, allowing you to monitor it from anywhere. This way, you can ensure that it is working, you can keep track of its performance stats and change settings, which makes running your pump remotely, safe and easy.


Special Features


  • Compatible with any Speck Pumps pump up to 1.10kW in size.
  • Output performance of a normal AC pump.
  • Dual power usage capability.
  • Control remotely via smart phone or computer for a convenient user experience.