Rhino Pools has been growing for the past 20 years and is at the forefront of modern pool repair techniques, having developed some new techniques ourselves.

We have our own way of doing things and ultimately we don’t follow the norm but instead, we try to deal with not only the symptoms of the damaged or leaking pool but also the root cause of the problem. Swimming pool leaks can be very costly in terms of the cost of the water lost, but the longer a leak prevails the more damage it will cause around the area. In some areas around Pretoria and Centurion there is dolomite below ground and this can cause serious sink holes, for example.

We are specialists in pool repairs since around 70% of the work that we do is comprised of repairs. We do leak detection using highly specialized gas and pressure testing equipment as well as acoustic devices which allow us to pinpoint the leak and then we quote to repair the pool leak.

Pool repairs that we specialize in:

  • Pool leak detection using tracer gas
  • New weirs built in
  • New aimflow jets built in
  • Pool crack repairs using steel and rubberized crack filler
  • Underwater marblite repairs (where possible)
  • Pump repairs
  • Pool leak repairs
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • etc.